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Diabetes Care TT

The high prevalence of diabetes in Trinidad and Tobago and by large, the Caribbean has prompted the introduction of a new health program. Total Rehabilitation Centre, has strategically tailored a 90 day program aimed at reducing the use of medicine while giving diabetes patients necessary tools to manage the chronic health condition. Through a 3 month plan, the Total Rehabilitation team which comprises of physical therapists, massage therapists, reflexologists, exercise physiologists and cardiac rehabilitation specialists will offer diabetes patients an opportunity to successfully manage the condition.

The program offers 3 months of diabetes coaching, 8 medical visits with the medical team, 10 exercise sessions with exercise physiologists, a nutrition plan, stress reduction and sleep mastery and access to support groups. This program can help persons with diabetes reduce blood sugar to manageable levels with simple lifestyle changes, avoid significant diabetes complications such as major infections, reduce stress levels, reduce medication usage and attain a healthy weight.

The program can benefit anyone who is overweight, obese and at risk of developing diabetes or have already been diagnosed with diabetes.


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