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Melissa Ali-Rodrigues


Melissa Ali graduated from the Trinidad and Tobago Massage Association (TTMA)

in 1998 with a Diploma in Massage therapy in the disciplines of Swedish and Therapeutic Massages. In 2000 she received her certificates in Sport Massage and Spa techniques, also from TTMA. In this same year she also received a 1st degree in Reiki.

During 2005 Melissa worked part-time at a physiotherapy clinic in Woodbrook, Trinidad, where she gained practical experience in a clinic setting, then in 2006 gained further experience in a different setting as she managed the Spa at

Le Grand Courlan Spa Resort in Tobago.

Returning to Trinidad in 2007, she joined the Total Rehabilitation team as one

of their massage therapists where she still is at present. During this time she completed Levels 1 and 2 in Thai yoga massage. Also, in 2009 she attended a workshop on Yoga for Scoliosis, as well as Yoga for the Special Child. Melissa

is also certified in Pre- and Peri-Natal Massage Therapy.

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