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Ergonomic Assessment

Ergonomic Assessment is a physical therapist's or other specialist's evaluation of a workplace and its furnishings, tools, and tasks in relation to the physical abilities of the worker. It is also known as “work activities evaluation and treatment.” It helps the worker achieve proper postures and work techniques so that he/she reduces the likelihood of injury from repetitive tasks and postures assumed on the job.

Total Rehab offers a variety of ergonomic services and packages:

  1. Worksite visits and walk-through (job site analysis)

  2. Injury risk analysis

  3. Workstation assessment and design 

  4. Job modification and adaptation

  5. Educational seminars for employees and management

  6. Practical employee training for injury prevention and management

  7. Back School (an interactive series of practical teaching where employees are taught and required to demonstrate lifting techniques, strengthening exercises to avoid and manage low back pain on the job)

  8. Fitness Testing for oil rig workers for insurance medicals


Total Rehabilitation has on staff a Certified Ergonomic Assessment Specialist, Dr. Nicole De Freitas, who has built the ergonomic branch of the clinic. She is assisted by other physical therapists who have experience in ergonomic assessment, evaluation and education. Dr. Nicole de Freitas and Dr. Carla Rauseo are certified in THUET (Tropical Helicopter Underwater Escape Training) and can go offshore to conduct assessments and offer other ergonomic services to oil company employees on the installations.

Our Experience

Our work has included assessments, analysis and design and educational training for companies such as:

  • The Mariott Hotel

  • Associated Brands Limited 

  • ASCO

  • BHP Billington office and offshore installation sites

  • eTecK

In addition to companies, we also provide services for individuals in need of ergonomic expertise, and have done so for many bank employees and patients with desk jobs.

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