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Aquatic Therapy

Patients need not know how to swim!


Aquatic therapy consists of a specialized exercise program in water. The program is designed to utilize the physical properties of water. These properties make it much easier for an individual with pain and/or weakness to move because the water provides support to the individual in a pain-reduced manner. A qualified physical therapist can utilize specific techniques and manipulate the properties of the water to help the patient decrease pain and swelling, increase mobility and strength and improve his/her function. 

Total Rehabilitation offers therapeutic aquatic exercise at La Joya Complex in St. Joseph, Trinidad. To make an appointment at La Joya, please call the clinic at 675-4973.
Total Rehab is also affiliated with another aquatic therapy program at Boucaud Aquatic Swim School in Shoppes of Maraval, off Saddle Road. For appointments in this location, please call 362-6170.

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